Carmel Partners Concierge is a service of Premiere Concierge, Inc. USA, an Arizona  corporation with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, that provides concierge  services to companies and individuals in the United States and throughout the  world.  Concierge is committed to providing users of its services with a  secure Web environment. To help you understand our privacy policy, the  following information explains our information-gathering and dissemination practices for our concierge products, services, and Web site. 
This section provides an overview of the kinds of personal information we ask  for and how we use it. Details of these practices can be found following the  overview: 
Ordering products and services on the Carmel Partners Concierge Web site  

You can request  products or services from Carmel Partners Concierge by phone, fax, email, or the  online request form system. In some cases, you also have the option of  requesting and paying for the service entirely online. The request form asks  for personal information that identifies who you are, such as your name,  email address, and shipping address, as well as financial information, such  as your credit card number and the cards expiration date. 
Participating in surveys 

Occasionally, we may give you the opportunity to participate in a survey  online or by email to help us adapt our services to the expressed needs of  customers. If you decide to accept, we may ask for demographic information,  such as your age and ZIP code, but typically we will ask for no personal  information, such as your name and email address. 
Participating in promotions 

Occasionally, we may announce a special promotion or offer on the Carmel Partners Concierge Web site or by email, if you have elected to receive emails. If you  choose to participate, we may ask for certain information that identifies who  you are, such as your name and address, so that we can follow through on the  promotion.  
Sending gifts to others 

When you use Carmel Partners Concierge services to send a gift to someone else, we  ask you to give us the necessary personal information of the recipient so  that we can fulfill your request.  
Sending us email 

When you contact us by email, we automatically receive your email address, as well as any contact information that is included in the signature at t


TEL : (888) 332-8078 | FAX : (888) 993-0600